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Dead Pool Round 146: here comes Fall!

Well! Looks like thefritz takes it with…Ruthie Tomson? I had no idea. 111 year old Disney animator.

She retired in 1975. Man, she must’ve cost the Disney pension fund a heap of dosh.

Right! Are we ready for what’s coming? Noooo…nobody is. But we can do the Dead Pool while we wait:

0. Rule Zero (AKA Steve’s Rule): your pick has to be living when picked. Also, nobody whose execution date is circled on the calendar. Also, please don’t kill anybody. Plus (Pupster’s Rule) no picking someone who’s only famous for being the oldest person alive.

1. Pick a celebrity. Any celebrity — though I reserve the right to nix picks I never heard of (I don’t generally follow the Dead Pool threads carefully, so if you’re unsure of your pick, call it to my attention).

2. We start from scratch every time. No matter who you had last time, or who you may have called between rounds, you have to turn up on this very thread and stake your claim.

3. Poaching and other dirty tricks positively encouraged.

4. Your first choice sticks. Don’t just blurt something out, m’kay? Also, make sure you have a correct spelling of your choice somewhere in your comment. These threads get longish and I use search to figure out if we have a winner.

5. It’s up to you to search the thread and make sure your choice is unique. I’m waayyyy too lazy to catch the dupes. Popular picks go fast.

6. The pool stays open until somebody on the list dies. Feel free to jump in any time. Noobs, strangers, drive-bys and one-comment-wonders — all are welcome.

7. If you want your fabulous prize, you have to entrust me with a mailing address. If you’ve won before, send me your address again. I don’t keep good records.

8. The new DeadPool will begin 6pm WBT (Weasel’s Blog Time) the Friday after the last round is concluded.

The winner, if the winner chooses to entrust me with a mailing address, will receive an Official Certificate of Dick Winning and a small original drawing on paper suffused with elephant shit particles. Because I’m fresh out of fairy shit particles.


Comment from BullDawgGirl
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:00 pm

Robert Durst

Comment from LesterIII
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:00 pm

Harry “I’m a fuggin’ Commie” Belafonte.
Just die already, you asshat.

Comment from BullDawgGuy
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:00 pm

Bob Dole

Lost the presidential race to a pot smoking womanizer (my sister said i should say alleged rapist) Hippie

Lets go Brandon.

Comment from Hutch
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:00 pm

Larry Storch

Comment from thefritz
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:02 pm

So many worthy choices….I’ll go with Henry Kissinger.

Comment from p2
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:04 pm

“Moy nayme iz Moykel Caine”

Michael Caine. 88 years young & just hung it up. Retirement’s gonna kill ‘im.

Comment from lavendergirl
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:04 pm


AGT Finalist Jane Marczewski

Comment from ExpressoBold
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:05 pm

Indeed, Anony Mouse… I requested deletion before searching for another suitable vict… uh, candidate.

Comment from ExpressoBold
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:10 pm

I select Jimmy Carter !!!!!!

Comment from thefritz
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:13 pm

Peter Scolari, ‘Bosom Buddies’ and ‘Newhart’ actor, dead at 66.


Comment from G_d’s Middle Finger
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:21 pm

Betty White… privilege

Comment from Ea
Time: October 22, 2021, 6:35 pm

Bill Clinton

Comment from Jeff Weimer
Time: October 22, 2021, 7:16 pm

My birthday mate – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Comment from Stephen Falken
Time: October 22, 2021, 7:28 pm

George Soros

Comment from Brian Coe
Time: October 22, 2021, 7:34 pm

William Shatner

Comment from Abzod
Time: October 22, 2021, 8:18 pm

Harry Belafonte, 94

Comment from Uncle Al
Time: October 22, 2021, 8:19 pm

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the Honorable Poopy-pants. One day soon he’s going to fall asleep yet again during a House hearing and simply not wake up. I hope.

Comment from Uncle Al
Time: October 22, 2021, 8:21 pm

Sorry, @Abzod, but Belafonte has already been picked by @LesterIII.

Comment from Rich Rostrom
Time: October 22, 2021, 8:50 pm

Nancy Jane Marie Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 28th Baroness suo jure Willoughby de Eresby, and 1/4 hereditary Lord Great Chamberlain.

(The office of LGC is “partible”, rotating among three families with successive monarchs. Lady H-D-W’s father was LGC to George VI; her turn will come when little George succeeds his father and grandfather. (One family gets two turns in four.))

Does she count as a celebrity? If not, I have another nifty pick.

Comment from MrsMGunz
Time: October 22, 2021, 9:05 pm

Val Kilmer

Comment from Abzod
Time: October 22, 2021, 9:59 pm

Fine, I’ll go with Angela Lansbury!

Comment from Spad13
Time: October 22, 2021, 10:30 pm

Joe Biden.

Comment from Tonyc
Time: October 22, 2021, 11:25 pm

Bob Barker

Comment from Armybrat
Time: October 22, 2021, 11:35 pm

Spend a lovely afternoon floating in the pool and I’m late to the Deadpool! Gonna go with my usual Desmond Tutu.

Comment from Pupster
Time: October 23, 2021, 12:08 am

Hillary Clinton, come on down!

-Satan probably

Comment from Tim Carlson
Time: October 23, 2021, 1:14 am

This round I’m picking
Tom Atkins
85yo (soon to be 86 on 11/13), actor in such classics as “The Fog” and “Night Of The Creeps”.

“The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is… they’re dead.”

Comment from currently
Time: October 23, 2021, 1:19 am

Marv Levy – former NFL Head Coach.

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: October 23, 2021, 1:23 am

Everybody I don’t like!

I suppose you want me to narrow that down a little though.

That hag Nancy Pelosi.
The sharks can have her body, I doubt the devil wants her soul.

Comment from Anonymous
Time: October 23, 2021, 1:39 am

Bob Schieffer

Comment from JC Collins
Time: October 23, 2021, 2:26 am

Stickin’ with Paul Ehrlich. MF will probably die wrong.

Comment from Nana1
Time: October 23, 2021, 9:38 am

Dick Cheney again. How long can he last with that bad ticker ?

Comment from Deborah HH
Time: October 23, 2021, 12:56 pm

Going with Raul Castro again.
Remember, I got his murderous brother, too.

Comment from dissent555
Time: October 23, 2021, 6:37 pm

Switching it up. Phil Collins for this round.

Comment from Anonymous
Time: October 23, 2021, 7:25 pm

Alec Baldwin – would be just desserts to happen during Red October.

Oh and Let’s go Brandon!

Comment from BJM
Time: October 23, 2021, 8:32 pm

Ooops…late to the party

HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, at 86 he’s looking very frail and that he resigned as President of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is probably not a good omen.

Comment from Teej
Time: October 23, 2021, 9:49 pm

Hunter Biden
Let’s go Brandon, part deux.

Comment from naleta
Time: October 24, 2021, 3:19 am

Wretched Witless, excuse me, I mean Gretchen Whitmer, our “beloved” governor of Michigan.

After her attitude and behavior during the Covidiocy, I find myself liking her a lot less than my usual choice of Michael Moore.

Comment from platypuss
Time: October 24, 2021, 3:46 pm

Dick Van Dyke poppins off.

Comment from The Neon Madman
Time: October 24, 2021, 6:31 pm

This time around I’m going with Mel Brooks.

Comment from Subotai Bahadur
Time: October 24, 2021, 7:00 pm

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

If he commits the heresy of standing up to the Will of the Party and of the Proletariat by killing or limiting the looting of the treasury, the Left will ensure a “tragic accident”. Yeah, I know that in a 50-50 Senate that would technically give the Republicans control until Romney and/or Murkowski change parties; but then again we have seen repeatedly that Republicans will not oppose the Left if it counts.

Subotai Bahadur

Comment from RimrockR
Time: October 24, 2021, 9:47 pm

Oops! I’m the happless anon. Who picked the happless Alec Baldwin.

F Joe Biden!!!

Comment from gulliblepratt
Time: October 24, 2021, 10:06 pm

Bernie Sanders
The Colonel’s lesser known cousin

Comment from Carl
Time: October 24, 2021, 10:31 pm

Former Pope Benedict

Comment from oldowan
Time: October 25, 2021, 3:31 pm

Jerry Lee Lewis

Comment from blake
Time: October 27, 2021, 2:23 am

Aw, I missed poor Ruthie’s passing.

Well, in honor of her 99th birthday, I pick Juli Lynn (Charlot). Actress, singer, inventor of the poodle skirt?

Comment from ama
Time: October 27, 2021, 4:13 am

Diane Feinstein-

Comment from RushBabe
Time: October 28, 2021, 2:05 pm

Eva Marie Saint

Comment from PatAZ
Time: October 29, 2021, 4:17 am

Harry Reid. Wasn’t he supposed to have some deadly disease several years ago.

Comment from Mrs Carl
Time: October 29, 2021, 9:01 am

David Attenborough

Comment from steve
Time: October 31, 2021, 2:39 pm

Marsha Hunt. Actress.

Comment from Mitch
Time: November 4, 2021, 11:55 pm

Igor Danchenko.

Comment from Weaselwannabe
Time: November 8, 2021, 11:32 pm

Gavin Newsom for the booster shot win!

PS – Let’s Go Brandon!

Comment from LesterIII
Time: November 9, 2021, 2:50 pm

The Boy With Green Hair has passed:
RIP Dean Stockwell.

Comment from steve
Time: November 12, 2021, 1:12 pm

Did anyone have Winter, the dolphin?

Passed last night.

Comment from harbqll
Time: November 17, 2021, 2:53 am

Dr Ruth…man she was hilarious to watch back in the day.

Little old ladies talking graphically about sex will never not be funny.

Comment from thefritz
Time: November 23, 2021, 9:02 pm

Yowzaa! Here’s a milestone…..the last human to be born in the 19th century has passed at age 124.


Comment from durnedyankee
Time: November 23, 2021, 9:21 pm

Sigh – and of course they want to autopsy test her for Covid, because….of course they do.

How about old age guys, give it a freakin rest.

Comment from steve
Time: November 26, 2021, 7:33 pm

Covid is just not the scary pande.ic they put it up to be.

Just look at this prime lineup of good candidates we have here.

Any of them falling off the perch? No!

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: November 27, 2021, 11:51 am

Stephen Sondheim has gone on to write musicals on the other side of Jordan.

Seems no one had him.

Comment from Davem123
Time: December 1, 2021, 11:59 pm

I can’t believe I missed the DeadPool for this long. Embarrassing, and undoubtedly a sign of advancing age.

I’m going with “Doctor” Anthony Fauci, another embarrassment.

Comment from Jeff Weimer
Time: December 5, 2021, 4:56 pm

BullDawgGuy takes it! Bob Dole, Bob Dole, Bob Dole!


Comment from Anonymous
Time: December 5, 2021, 4:57 pm

Dang it, BullDawgGuy – how many dicks do I owe you now?

Comment from blake
Time: December 5, 2021, 5:08 pm

How behind on dicks are you?!

Comment from BullDawgGuy
Time: December 5, 2021, 6:14 pm

This is what the Girl gets for going with Robert Durst this time. We are now tied with two apiece. Yes I’m waiting for my elephant poop particles.

Let the new pool picks begin again.

Comment from Uncle Al
Time: December 5, 2021, 9:38 pm

Congratulations and well done to BullDawgGuy!

Hey Stoaty! Just in case BullDawgGuy’s win prompts you to work on your Dick backlog, please note that I’ve got two entries on that list. I won these:

picked 2020/07/31 – Round 132 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg
picked 2019/04/20 – Round 120 – Doris Day


Comment from thefritz
Time: December 5, 2021, 10:07 pm

The end of an era….RIP sir, you were what we all should strive to be.


Comment from Tim Carlson
Time: December 5, 2021, 10:34 pm

Congrats to BullDawgGuy on the win.

O N W A R D to the next Dead Pool!!!

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