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Beer of the Day: Fursty Ferret


Beer: Fursty Ferret
Brewery: Hall and Woodhouse
Alcohol: 4.4%
Pros: It has ferrets all over it!
Cons: Tastes distinctly of ferret.

I had the t-shirt, time to sample the beer.

Have you ever picked up a product and suddenly felt the warm throb of a marketing drone humping your shin? Such a product is Fursty Ferret. Here’s the back label:

When in decades past the idyllic country home of Miss Rose Gribble became a local inn, legend has it that the inquisitive local ferrets frequented the pub’s back door on a mission to sample its own reputed brew. In their honour it was named Fursty Ferret, and today it’s brewed in greater quantity — so now you can enjoy the celebrated ale that still eludes the ferrets of Gribble Inn.

I think I just fwowed up a little. England is an exotic land, but insufficiently exotic to support roving bands of alcoholic ferrets congregating behind hotels to cadge beer. More’s the pity. Still, my favorite beers are dark red bitters, and this one looked like Mr Goodferret.

The label describes it as sweet and hoppy. I found it bitter and skunky. Which is, I suppose, entirely appropriate.

“Skunking” is what it’s called when light strikes beer and transforms some junk in the hops with a big chemical name into a sulfur compound very similar to eau du skonk. Skunking can happen in less than a minute in clear glass bottles exposed to sunlight; it happens in dark brown bottles exposed to fluorescent light, too, but it takes a few days. Which means that pretty much every import you’ve ever drunk from a glass bottle is at least a touch skunked. It might even be fair to say that a whiff of pong is a proper and intended part of the bottled beer experience.

Well. It’s not like I was going to pour it down the sink. I give it:


  two and a half drunken weasels.


Comment from lizardbrain
Time: May 21, 2007, 5:19 pm

Back in the days when I could still drink (well, I couldn’t, really, but everyone knew that but me) I solved the problem of environmentally-damaged beer by brewing my own. The stuff barely made it into bottles before it was consumed. Most of the time it didn’t even get that far. The stuff I brewed was bitter and hoppy, cause that’s the way I like my beer and my wimmin.

Dang. I missed out on all this newfangled microbrewery and other exotics stuff. Hoist a few for me, Stoaty.

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