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Special bonus weekend report: Mr Brain’s Faggots

mr brains frozen faggots

Because if you can’t trust a weasel to keep a promise, what is this world coming to?

pork faggots frozenWhen I first saw Mr Brain’s fine product, I’m sure it was labeled “Mr Brain’s Frozen Faggots.” I can’t work out if “pork faggots” is more or less funny than “frozen faggots.” Anyhow, of all the absurd things in the British supermarket that make an American fall to the floor and bark like a hound, Mr Brain’s offering takes the prize.

I’ve always meant to try them. I almost left it too late; we had to visit several supermarkets before finding one down-market enough for MBPF’s.

I was pretty sure I was going to be okay with the pork balls, but the “rich west country sauce” worried me a good deal. Looks like some unholy mash-up of moose testicles and Shoney’s strawberry pie filling. Frozen, it was a symphony of shit brown and ice crystals.

Cook from frozen, 30 to 40 minutes at 230 Eurodegrees.

On the whole…not bad. Tasted very strongly of sage and onion, like country sausage but less firm. Subsequent research has turned up worrying information about the traditional composition of faggots, but it looks like the Brain variety involves nothing more terrifying than pig liver. Ugh. Liver.

I ate all four. I’d do it again on a bet, but I won’t crave them in the middle of the night. Just as well, really.

I leave you with this classic BBC news item about the Doody family and their famous love of the British faggot.

If I die in the night, tell the weasels I love them.


May 26, 2007 — 7:13 pm
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