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Friday again?


Did I make my deadline? Oh, yes. I did. But I’ve got to hit one just like it every Friday for the next umpty-ump weeks. And this was a small one.

So screw me, really.

June 22, 2007 — 11:25 pm
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Opens today





Getting some good reviews.

I missed the whole contemporary horror/comedy thing (though I have Shaun of the Dead lying around upstairs somewhere waiting to be watched). Problem is, I’ve seen so few horror movies in the last twenty years, I don’t think I’d get half the jokes.

Still, it seems pretty unlikely I’d miss the punchline of this one, doesn’t it?

Thanks for the wecommendation, Wabbit. (Heyyyy, you’ve got an URRRRL again. You want some link, or are you traveling incognito? Which I think is Portuguese for “bombed out of your skull…”?).




— 4:51 pm
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