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Say goodbye to the ass end of a bad week

siamese twins

November 2, 2007 — 11:41 pm
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Meet my new neighbor(s)

conjoined twins Faith and Hope Echevarria

Born Tuesday morning at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence: conjoined twins Faith and Hope Echevarria. Video here. These little girls are zipped together from the bellybutton to the breastbone. They share a single heart and liver, so there will be no separate existence for these two.

A pretty example of synchroniwhotsit: my airport book coming out of Heathrow this time this time was Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body. I’ve always had a warm spot for teratology.

I (mostly) recommend it. The good bits are very good. He spends a fair bit of time on genetics and the chemical engines that drive differentiation in the developing fetus. These parts are interesting, but heavy going when you have the attention span of a stoat on an airplane.

It’s an extremely handy book for discouraging your seatmate from striking up a conversation, anyhow. It’s illustrated.

— 5:13 pm
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