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The Shit Computer

the shit computer

This thing is a…poo…analyzing…device of some kind. Shit Week continues on sweasel.com. I didn’t start the week with the idea of abdicating the blog to Uncle B and his master plan of septic dominance. But, as it happens, his life was full of exciting shit-related construction, and mine was just…shit.

Yes, the Weasel Acres Project is experiencing mission creep, as my real estate person took a look at the newly uncovered hardwood floors and declared, “yes, you’re right…they look like shit. Shall we get an estimate on having them refinished?” Oh, yes let’s. In this, the worst real estate market since the woolly mammoth quit the Great Plains for the happy hunting ground, I want to spend a bit more money making my pathetic property holding look merely awful.

Eh. Shit computer. Take it away, B!

January 24, 2008 — 8:43 pm
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