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Some chores are more onerous than others


The contents of the liquor cabinet. Not the day-to-day booze, but the Sunday-go-to-meeting booze. The guest booze, as it were. See, you can’t really move liquor, and you can’t pour it down the sink, so what’s a weasel to do?

Some of it is going straight down the sink. That thing in the middle? Sour Puss? It’s a raspberry liqueur. To the right of it is creme de banana. And way over to the left? Creme de noya, “a naturally almond-flavored liqueur made from fruit pits.” These apparently date to a time of life when I was batshit insane. Or twelve years old.

I’m tempted to mix these unique specimens together and invent my own cocktail. I think I’ll call it a ‘BLAAAARRRRRGH’ or possibly a ‘WAAAAAAUUULLLLkoffkoffkoff.”

Don’t dare me.

The balance, I’m pleased to note, is heavy on the Jack Daniel’s and other fine American whiskies. And what’s that I see? A brand new unopened bottle of Glenmorangie?

Oh, it’s rough duty, I tell you what.

January 29, 2008 — 7:13 pm
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