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Huh. That’s odd.

I just got a robo-call from the McCain campaign inviting me to attend an event tomorrow. I guess they called me because I’m one of the seven registered Republicans in Rhode Island. He’s going to be in Providence, sounds like.

Isn’t that odd, calling the night before? It’s a 1:30 event. Like, who can arrange time off on that kind of notice?

I’m awfully tempted to try to nip out for an hour. It’s not far from the office and I can’t imagine there’ll be many people there. So I could look him right in the
eye and say, “Ummm…hi, Senator.”

February 13, 2008 — 7:32 pm
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It’s a big game; let’s play it on the whole field

Okay, ladies. No sulking. Pessimism is not the Zombie Reagan way! How about a little something to get you motivated?


Boo! That means (among other unfortunate things) he, she or it is going to have all kinds of history with the Senate. Alliances, grudges, favors to call in. The next president is going to know how to play that instrument.

So it’s especially important that we get good people in the House and Senate and maintain some influence over them. A solid conservative in a state a thousand miles away is going to have far more positive effect on your life than a squish (or a Democrat) in your home state (unless you’re looking for somebody to bring home the pork. You’re not looking for pork, are you? Are you?)

By all means, get off your duff and vote in November. Our side isn’t going to be enthused this time, so turnout will inevitably be down. That makes your vote weightier than usual. But many of us live in districts with no interesting contests. And in terms of direct influence over the election and subsequent behavior of legislators, nothing beats money and direct communication.

It’s unfortunate that demonstrators, donors, letter-writers and other loudmouths count disproportionately in the system. But you know what? Tough. They do. We’re like cockroaches to politicians: for every one of us they see, they assume there are a hundred more just like us in the walls.

So let’s make some noise. Small donations and no green ink! Well, no more than you can help, you ‘winger nutcase, you.

SeeDubya got out ahead of me on this one (get out of my head, man!). He suggests a sort of Adopt-a-Pol scheme, where you pick a good guy and send him $20 every month along with a nice letter or an article. It’s a plan.

DoublePlusUndead suggests a place to start — Lou Barletta, mayor of Hazleton. He’s one of the guys drafting local laws that crack down on businesses and landlords who aid illegals. He’s running for Congess in Pennsylvania’s 11th District, which is considered a very safe seat for the Democrat incumbent (all the more fun to make them at least sweat a little).

Me, I’m looking to stick my nose in a number of places it doesn’t belong. I need a distraction this year and this could be more fun than breeding show rats. If you know of vulnerable or up-and-coming conservatives, get out the word. Maybe we can use that internet thing the kids are all het up about.

And don’t forget governors. We make some of our best presidents out of those.

Despite everything, I have a really good feeling about the state of conservatism today. Why? Because I drink excessively and it affects my judgement.

Still, I’m wrong only maybe 50% of the time!




The ultimate determinant in the struggle now going
on for the world will not be bombs and rockets but
a test of wills and ideas. No, really. I said that.

— 12:10 pm
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Should I drink it, or skip the middleman and pour it directly down the toilet?

diet cherry vanilla dr pepper Say, I haven’t posted anything pointless and excruciatingly personal in almost a week. That ain’t right. So, behold! The only passion Bill Clinton and I share: Diet Dr Pepper.
diet cherry chocolate dr pepper
Better, when I can get it: Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. I don’t usually like excessively sweet things, but DCVDP has a fake fruit metallic zing that is perfect for barking the scunge out of a weasel’s gob. [That was an unpleasant phrase. Please forget I wrote it. Thank you]

My last trip to the supermarket, they had this swill instead of my usual tipple: Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper. So I bought it. Shall I tell you why it’s labeled ‘limited edition”? Because I guess they made a whole shitload of it before they realized what a gustatory horror show it is.

Does it taste of chocolate? Oh, yes. Yes, it does. That’s the problem.

Ummmm…okay. Politics. Right. Read Iowahawk. This one got the Uncle Badger Seal of Approval, and Uncle B knows him some Chaucer. And some Englande folk.

— 10:17 am
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