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Wawwy Wound the Fwag, boys!

consarnit! I'm in!

Okay, so I ditched work and went to the McCain rally. The crowd was much bigger than I expected. I saw so much blue hair it looked like Free Sample Day at the cotton candy factory.

My pictures are teh suck because I was late and stuck way in the back.

If ever there was such a thing as a John McCain faction of the GOP, Rhode Island is it. He won the Republican vote easily in 2000, partly because he was the only politician who actually visited. Nobody else bothers. I think the mid-Atlantic states felt sorry for us and scraped together a delegate they let us use sometimes.

So maybe he’d give a different speech someplace else. There was lots of the usual talk about his military experience and invoking of Ronald Reagan. He did mention “Islamic radicals” specifically, so…good. That “my friends” thing is going to wear on the nerves over time.

He said his support for the surge almost cost him his career. What did he mean by that? Surely he wasn’t blaming his campaign problems on the war…? Is that what “I would rather lose a campaign than a war” means? Because, who the hell was going to hold that against him…the other party?

Speaking of what almost did deep six his run, he didn’t. Not one mention of immigration.

He talked for a while about global warming in a wheedling sort of way. Basically, “even if we’re wrong about global warming, we’ll develop some neat new technologies.” Meh.

Every time he said something they liked, a forest of AARP signs rose up all around him. That’s American Association of Retired Persons, for you foreigners. Old coots are the most reliable voting bloc, but that image is going to kill him if it’s Obama.

He’s a little fart, too. Senator Sawed-off McRunty, Angry Old Man, versus tall, thin, elegant young black man bursting with Hope and Change. Yosemite Sam versus Tuxedo Mask. Oof!

On the way out, one sweet little old lady turned to the other and said (for no particular reason I could discern), “I just love that Lindsay Graham.” And the other coo’d, “oh yes — me too!”

I hate the Stupid Party.

February 14, 2008 — 6:51 pm
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Neener-neener-neener! w00t!

adam weasel

I have…productivity issues. I’m sure I could have accomplished great things in my life, were I not so…utterly…butt-lazy. And there’s that alcohol thing, too.

I started sweasel.com in October ’06 on WordPress, and a very uneven job I made of it. When I moved to my own URL, I had a personal goal: to pull at least one post out of my ass every weekday for a year. Just to see if I could do it.

Well today, I am a man.

Ummm…whatever. I did it! It’s a year today!

Oh, sure…some of those posts were pretty lame. Okay, a lot of them were very lame. Sometimes, Weekend Weasel is all you got on a Friday. But, hey, those weasels don’t Photoshop themselves, you know. And sometimes, you got two lame posts out of me in a day!

Well, onward and outward. For Year Two, my goal is…

Oh, shit. I don’t have a goal for Year Two.

Ummm…happy Valentine’s Day!

— 6:25 am
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