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Just resting my eyes

weasel resting

I had a whole weekend of delightful moving and packing planned, then a friend Skyped yesterday morning and said, “wanna go hiking?” And I’m, like, “Tcha!”

We hiked around Arcadia all day, one of the best forests in Rhode Island (of which, believe it or not, there are many). Then we managed to drop $50 on pizza (my friend has a seriously messed up eyes to stomach ratio; I have enough cold pizza in the ‘fridge to last me to Wednesday). Then I stayed up late drinkin’ and watchin’ the Towering Inferno on DVD.

All in all, Saturday was an island of happy in a sea of meh! Now it’s Sunday and I’m footsore and seriously behind.


February 17, 2008 — 10:19 am
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