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I have this here megaphone and I’m not afraid to use it

tiny megaphone
Last week, National Review called for a truce between McCain’s supporters and the flaming wingnut contingent, of which IR1.

I was going to go along — really, what’s the point of taking shots now? — but I had second thoughts. What if a McCain supporter says something that really torques me off seconds after I take the pinkie swear? My spleen would explode. I like my spleen. So, no. No promises.

But I’m not grinding any axes yet, either. I’m still doing math. Which is more dangerous: a misguided man who achieves many of his goals, or a very misguided man who achieves few of his goals?

Then there’s my other question: which is more insignificant, my vote or my blog?

Over sixty-three million people voted in the last presidential election, but there are over ninety million blogs. So, if my math is correct (and it never is) my vote is 1/180,000,000ths more significant than my blog.

But there’s more to it than math. What if one or more of you silly boo-boos actually writes in Zombie Reagan for president? Then my blog becomes several sixty-three millionths more powerful than my vote.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the…you know. The hat. The hat thing with the bells on.

February 20, 2008 — 6:51 pm
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