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Evildoers? On the *Internet*?!

google badware warning

Have y’all run into this yet? I got this one clicking on the result of an images search.

Backstory here. Google just finished combing through three billion web pages looking for bad actors. They found about three million. One in a thousand.

They were surprised to find there was only a slightly greater risk of badware in the sleazy neighborhoods. So go on, surf porn with confidence (I’m looking at you, McGoo).

The breakdown? China: 67%. The US: 15%. Russia: 4%. Malaysia: 2.2%. Korea: 2%.

Malicious site operators in China fall into two broad categories, Thompson said: fraudsters looking to steal your banking password, and teenagers who want to steal your World of Warcraft character.

The solution mentioned in the article is to keep automatic updates switched on. Automatic updates can kiss my ass. The last time I ran automatic updates, it made Internet Explorer my default browser and loaded the vile Outlook Express on my nice clean machine. I turned it off, and now it pisses and moans every time I reboot. So I don’t reboot. How bout we just don’t give out our banking or WoW details instead?

I know, I know. It’s the weekend. I’m s’posed to be restesing. But I’m all about looking out for the minions.

Hey, can you cook potroast from frozen?

February 23, 2008 — 10:34 am
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