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How to anesthetize your weasel

sleeping weasel

First, tape your weasel securely to a cutting board. No, no idea. It just turned up on an images search of “dead weasel.” Since this adorable little squeaker apparently isn’t dead (who anesthetizes a dead weasel? Nobody, that’s who) I figured, “better still!”

Sorry I buggered the blog for a while today. WordPress software has been pissing and moaning at me to upgrade for weeks, since the version I had ‘ad an ‘ole in it, is the technical term. But I had just upgraded it to the version I had — during the course of which I severely buggered the blog — and I wasn’t in a hurry to repeat the experience.

“I know!” I thought this morning, “I’ll use that automatic upgrade plugin thingamajig that all the kids are raving about!” And there we go, buggered.

After much faffing and sweating, turns out I simply can’t log in to WordPress 2.6 as admin using the Opera browser. That bums me in a mild to moderately severe way, but at least there’s a workaround. And I figured it out all by myself, so maybe I’ll get a gold star or an M&M or they’ll name the bug after me or something.

Okay, let’s see if this works. Behold, I appear before you in Internet Explorer! It smells like Bill Gates in here. And ass. Yes, there is a subtle qualitative difference.

August 10, 2008 — 12:50 pm
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