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What else you going to plant in a weasel’s garden?


digging up buns

You must click this link for the big sloppy color version, with extra ninja toenail action. Yeah, up yours, Cute Overload!

There was a mound of clean, loose earth left over after the mighty Shit Processing Factory was installed, and Mummy Runnybabbit apparently snuggled right down into it and laid bunny eggs.

Because Uncle B is terribly old and terribly rich, he sometimes hires a couple of spry young lads to help him in the garding. They dug up these buns like ‘taters, they did. Shrieking and screaming (the buns, I mean). No sign of mama. Longtime readers may recall that rabbit’s milk is very nutritious and baby buns only need to nurse once a day. But I think these guys are old enough to be weaned.

I instructed Uncle B not to tell me what they did with them, because I assumed it was something horrible and manly. Took them by their back legs and cracked them like whips, perhaps. Bit they little heads off while singing Viking war ballads.

But no…Squishy McSlopbucket and his merry pirate crew took them into the next field over and left them in the embankment. Great. They’re going to be right back in our garding in no time. MAKING MORE BUNS.

Some day soon, Uncle B and I are going to have to have that little talk about the birds and the bees and the runnybabbits.

hot, cross buns

August 14, 2008 — 11:38 am
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