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The rise of the oceans will begin to slow, our planet will begin to heal…

the rise of the oceans begins to slow, our planet begins to heal and lightning comes shooting out his ass

I made this thing a week ago with a beam of sunshine in place of the lightning and it flat broke my heart when I realized “he thinks the sun shines out his asshole” is a British expression. Uncle B continues to pollute my ability to cuss like a true blue American.

So I was delighted to recycle it into this, my artist’s conception of the dramatic climax to tonight’s acceptance speech at the Ocropolis. I’m rather proud of this Obama, which I more or less drawed my ownself (well, the head is kind of a paint-over, but who’s counting?). I’m open to suggestions for other impressive things that might come flying out of his ass in the future. Rainbows. Marshmallows. Adorable fluffy bunnies. An actual policy position.

As usual, theft of the original artwork is encouraged.

August 28, 2008 — 9:52 am
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