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Okay, I’m in…

sarah palin

He did it. He showed me something. Sarah Palin is distilled essence of awesome.

Lifetime member of the NRA. Flies her own float plane. Eats mooseburgers, kills own moose first. Nickname in high school: Barracuda. Former commercial fisherman. Went to college on money she won in a beauty contest.

Her husband is an Eskimo. Dude. Her husband is an Eskimo.

Her main claim to fame is fighting corruption in her own party — which means she won her elections in defiance of the state Republican party. She’s the one who killed the Bridge to Nowhere. So, yes, this is a sort of maverick-y pick, but in a good way. I’m psyched.

Which is good, because it started out pretty depressing. I got the date wrong; today is my 25th anniversary. I got called into my boss’ office to find the walls covered in pictures of me in my twenties. It sucks to work for the art department; they take pictures.

You know who hasn’t aged all that gracefully? Me, that’s who.

Oh, well. I got a nice little camera. And a lapel pin of the company logo. And a cupcake.


August 29, 2008 — 11:25 am
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