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When we first looked at Badger House, the front doorbell was one of these big pull-chain dealies. It somehow vanished after the sale. Not complaining; the seller left plenty of other useful things behind (including a kitchen table and chairs). But we have been bereft of doorbell since we moved in.

You can still get this style of bell pull. The question is, what sort of bell do you connect it to on the inside? Turns out, they’re all electronical and previewable online now. Oh, how we laughed!

Uncle B sort of liked this one, but thought it should end with “just a minute!” followed by a flushing sound. I was partial to this one, but he insists I’d have to answer the door in my Tinkerbell costume.

We were naturally torn between this one and this one, so we decided this would be a good compromise. It doesn’t apply, but it seems like a fair halfway point. Plus, it would confuse the hell out of people. Bonus!

Oh, who am I kidding? There’s only one that would possibly do. 



You know what? I think we’ll just get a bell on a string, after all.




March 2, 2009 — 7:50 pm
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