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I wonder if it was a surprise party…


I walked to my doctor’s appointment this morning and I was plenty early, so I swung by the local cemetery for a little cheer-me-up along the way. I like cemeteries, and I hadn’t visited our local before. It was a nice little boneyard, more remarkable for its many, many bunnies than its burials.

This lady had a bummer of an 80th.

Burial grounds in New England frequently have graves centuries older than those typical of Olde England, going right back to our colonial beginnings. The idea of burying ordinary people in their own private graves with their own personal markers started earlier in America, presumably because there were so few of us and we had so much buryin’ room. The Victorians were the first real funeral fetishists and the typical English churchyard graves are Nineteenth C. Before that, Brits planted people and harvested them later (‘alas poor Yorick’ and all that).

I believe the above paragraph to be true based on stuff I’ve read in the past, but I totally pulled it out of my ass tonight. Because references are for those who lack the courage of their own bullshit.

March 17, 2009 — 8:49 pm
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