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Dog’s breakfast


Dog’s breakfast: (mainly British, idiomatic) An unappealing mixture; a disorderly situation; a mess.

This post is a dog’s breakfast, not the thing in the picture. That would be a pizzurger: a double Whopper with a slice of pepperoni pizza between the beef patties. Brought to you by the fine folks at This Is Why You’re Fat.

Hell’s yes I’d eat one. Right this minute. No monetary wager required.

So, my RSS feed is down. Any ideas how I fix it? Yes, I realize there’s probably mucho documentationio on the WordPress site, but I’m in the “I’ll sit here with my mouth open and hope a ham sandwich falls into it” school of technical support.

I only vaguely grasp what an RSS feed is and was astonished to learn mine had been working before. Wonder how I did that. Presumably, it were the last WP upgrade what killed it. Thanks to everyone who wrote and told me it’s dead.

And the answer to this question is: lawnmower. I peeled that decal off the deck of my new (old) pushmower prior to treating a couple of rust spots. Not much help, is it? I guess the third icon describes pebbles being kicked out by the blade, but I’m still bereft of clue what the monolith is all about.

It’s American, by the way (trust me to run to the only American-made mower we saw and throw my arms around it). So that there’s probably good old-fashioned Yankee impenetrability.

Good weekend, ever’body!

June 19, 2009 — 6:56 pm
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