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Insert weasel (a) into IQ test (b)


We’ve only got one set of next-door neighbors. The neighbors on the other three sides are sheep. Our one set of people neighbors has asked us over several times, during the course of which we managed to drink all their premium booze and eat up all their delicious crispy salted snacks.

We have yet to reciprocate, on account of our Badger House is — to put it delicately — a shit-hole. Not entirely our fault; I was so determined not to waste a penny on a storage unit, I filled this house from floor to ceiling with packing boxes. We live among these majestic corrugated monoliths like a nomadic tribe, making warm temporary nests from throw pillows and blankets, trailing books and teacups and computer cables. Total shit-hole.

But then it hit us — garden furniture on sale! Our garden, at least, is lovely. We picked up a table and four chairs at a distinctly off-season price yesterday. While Uncle B enjoyed a doze today, I decided to assemble our new table.

So…whaddya fink?

Stupid Taiwanglish instruction sheet…

August 3, 2009 — 6:56 pm
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