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I was going to lead with a really stupid photo, but that looked awful sitting on top of 9/11 Atrocity Man. So I’ll go with this mildly stupid photo and three quick observations on the news.

First, that story about the oil tanker hijacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan. They hijacked the boat [ummm…tanker TRUCK, I’m told], ran it aground [got it stuck in the mud] accidentally (I guess) and then told the locals they could have the fuel. Meanwhile, NATO called in an airstrike and we blowed it up. Bingo, dead civilians and a huge stink.

Ummmm…isn’t “salvaging” oil off a stolen tanker what we call looting? And isn’t the traditional response to looters in time of war to shoot on sight? What exactly is NATO apologizing for? Surely the lesson is for Afghanis: don’t steal shit, even if your buds in the Taliban say it’s okay.

Next, the ACORN story. I was shocked to watch the undercover video shot by Giles and O’Keefe. I had no idea the pair were a couple of clean-cut young white persons. Heartwarming. We’re surely in a better place than we knew, vis-à-vis race relations, if our mostly-of-color urban community organizers will cheerfully help a couple of middle-class white kids set up their house of prostitution and illegal immigrant child sex ring. Colorblind society, here we come!

Finally, that terror raid over the weekend. Did you (like me) breathe the teeny-tiniest sigh of relief to read the words al Qaeda in the story? As in, thank Christ it wasn’t some dimwitted bubba from our side out to water him some Tree of Liberty.

September 14, 2009 — 6:38 pm
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