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Round three: IT’S ON!



Well! Mongo won round two with Patrick Swayze, and the precious tin of haggis shall be hers! That’s right: hers. Mongo is apparently some kind of girl…with, like, boobies and everything.


Kennedy and Swayze were pretty low-hanging fruit. Round three should get a little harder; I don’t recall any previous picks that had quite so tenuous a hold on oxygen consumption.

So, sing out for round three! Celebrities of any kind; you don’t have to wish ’em dead (but it helps!). First come, first served. Newbies welcome. One pick per customer. Poaching other people’s good picks from previous rounds is positively encouraged. This isn’t tiddly-winks, folks — it’s Dead Pool!

(Fabulous prize TBA). 


UPDATE: and this round’s fabulous prize is…
ZOMG, this is going to be good!

September 15, 2009 — 6:20 pm
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