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It’s crashing. It’s crashing terrible. Oh, the huge vanity…!


I. CAN. NOT. BE-LIEVE that our greenhorn president really, genuinely went to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago to get the Olympics. Like others, I assumed he had it in the bag before flying out to accept the honor (which was tacky enough, but just inside the bounds). To prostrate THE OFFICE OF MY COUNTRY’S PRESIDENT before the international gang of midget wrestlers that is the Olympic Committee, and to do it ON SPEC?! AND FAIL?!

Oh, I am sorely vexed. I’m not sure the heady pleasure of watching him crash and burn can make up for the hot ouchy of the international humiliation. Can somebody fax this bozo a copy of the job description, please?

There ought to be some kind of Internet Snark Award for the wag at Drudge who came up with the headline The Ego Has Landed.

EDIT: changed ‘humanity’ to ‘huge vanity.’ Thenk yew, lauraw.

October 2, 2009 — 2:03 pm
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