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A lefty critique of cap and trade

This is actually a good explanation of the evil economy-raping Enron-inspired resource-suck that is Cap & Trade, but from the lefty perspective. So it accurately portrays the mischief in the system, but in a framework of CO2-phobic, capitalism-hating, bleeding-heart boneheaded hippie shit.

Notice the expression “climate justice” in there. You’ll hear those words again in future. It’s our old friend redistribution of wealth dressed up in her new environmentalist togs.

Anyhow, this is worth ten minutes of your time, if you want a quick rundown of where the holes are. Annie Leonard, the narrator, is better known for a similar film called The Story of Stuff, which is chock-full of so much stupid I’m surprised it can drag its stupid ass out of its stupid bed in the morning.

Edit: my bad. I just watched it again. She doesn’t use the expression “climate justice” in this one. She says “pay back ecological debt.” Man, all the new names for old concepts…I get so confused.

December 3, 2009 — 8:26 pm
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