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I love weather!

Eh. This scan didn’t come out too good. It’s from one of the local newspapers (that line across the middle is a crease in the paper — photo credit to Chris and Jon Hayes). But I was delighted to see the picture anyway, since I didn’t get one.

I was in the garden when this monster reached inland a few days ago. It was sunny, seventy degrees. The chickens were pecking around and I was reading a book.

Suddenly the wind got up. I stood up and looked in the direction it was coming and saw this thing. The clouds below were ragged and low — just higher than the treetops — churning and boiling. Way up above was a smooth, curved bank of clouds, like a shockwave.

Honestly, my first thought was an industrial accident somewhere blowing a cloud of something nasty.

It moved in faster than a man could walk. Suddenly it was dark, gusty — 60 or 70 mile an hour winds, they said — lightning, violent rain. Wild.

And then, half an hour later, it was sunny and mild again. Must be an English Channel phenomenon. It was a hell of a thing.

Anyhoo — thanks for the booze recommendation, folks. I have checked them all out. Have a good weekend!

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July 16, 2010 — 11:25 pm
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