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Uncle Stinky? You bastards!

Thanks to everyone who sent me this link. And by “thanks” I mean AIIIIIIIIIUlulululululu!

So the backstory — these two Scots have started up a brewery called BrewDog. Their offerings are are beers of higher than usual alcohol content, and smartassery.

By a combination of freezing and storing in oak casks, they raised the alcohol content of ale to an astonishing 55% — that’s 110 proof beer, folks! They call it The End of History — because that’s it for the experiment.

They made twelve whole bottles at that strength and released eleven, seven in stoats and four in gray squirrels. Five hundred British pounds a whack.

Um, yeah. The taxidermy. Roadkill, they claim.

They could at least have found a skinnier bottle, so old Stoaty doesn’t look like he has a goiter.

They make some interesting beer. If only they weren’t such punks.

Closer to home, my first batch of homebrew is due to be ready in about a week. But there’s been a mounting crescendo of beer pong — by which I mean a stench, not a drinking game — coming from that quarter. So I had a look today and discovered my bung has been leaking — oi, quiet down, you in the back there!

I reckon I lost about a half pint onto the floor.

As long as I was messing around with it, I figured I’d have a taste. It hasn’t cleared yet, but it was very acceptable. In fact, it was fine.

My next experiment? Crazy-ass yeast.

Good weekend, everyone!

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July 23, 2010 — 10:02 pm
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