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England’s probably the only country in the world that issues warning labels in case of embarrassment.

Warning, warning! Danger, Will Robinson! Really awkward social situation ahead! 




January 6, 2011 — 11:38 pm
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On her last day in office, Nancy Pelosi crashed my new computer

Oh, man. I’d been working all afternoon on a video, when the software crashed. Hard.

I’d load the program, it would sit there for ten or fifteen seconds. Then Windows would pop up and say, “there’s something wrong with this thing — seeya!” and shut it down.

I guess it’s an improvement on the Blue Screen of Death. I mean, the program didn’t crash anything but itself. But it sure was off-pissing.

Anyhow, I finally figured it out. There was something in the Nancy Pelosi folder that was freaking it out. When I moved the folder out of the default spot, it worked again.


I wanted to do a lot more with this, but spent most of my free time trying to fix the computer instead. Still, here’s my little goodbye to Nancy Pelosi on YouTube.

G’bye, Nan!

— 12:44 am
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