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So long and thanks for all the hits

There it is; one of my biggest getter-of-hits. It’s the numero uno on a Google images search of “does Barney Frank have any teeth?”

The answer is no. He doesn’t. Not one. He’s as edentulous as a chicken.

Also, he’s not running for another term in Congress.

Well. Seventy is a bit young for a politician. I wonder if he hears the incoming whistle of dropping shoe.

Dude has had nothing but political jobs of one kind or another his whole life, but his personal fortune is getting on for $5M? Hm. Between that and his longtime partner heading up Fannie (or was it Freddie?) the years it injected the poison into our financial system…maybe he sees Congressional financial reform on the horizon and wants no part of it.

I have another theory, if you’ll permit me a moment of conspiracy nuttery. What if he didn’t win the last election (maybe more than one)? What if the crooked party apparatus is starting to creak under the strain of cheating him back into office time after time?

Remember, when he won last time, he gave a victory speech as bitter and angry as any concession speech. For no obvious reason.

I have never understood why the blue-collar union Manly Men who make up the Democrats in his district would turn out to vote, time after time, for a corrupt, nasty, toothless old queen.

Perhaps they didn’t.

November 28, 2011 — 5:39 pm
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