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Coo-coo, coo-coo


Hello! It’s me again! Back with another trenchant graphical analysis of today’s top story.

Mmm-hmm. I drew Harry Reid as a drooling moron.

That’s an upgrade for Harry. I think he’s something uglier and nastier.

The Washington Post thinks so to:

“For Reid, this is yet another brazen and tasteless partisan attack. As majority leader, he has managed to sink the public image of the Senate even lower than it would otherwise be. He contributes to bad feelings, gridlock and the sense — nay, the reality — that everything is done for political advantage. Reid is a crass man, the very personification of the gaudy and kitschy Las Vegas Strip.”

Bolding mine, because those words made me shiver with delight.

Also, I drew a bird on his head!


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August 6, 2012 — 10:44 pm
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