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Soooo…this thing just ran across the floor. Okay, yes, I’m a little phobic (I gave myself the jim-jamms Googling for this image).

You know what that means? The Summer that we never had is now over. The (giant weasel-sucking) spiders are coming in to get warm.

When you read the headlines about “Hottest Summer EVARRR!” — think to yourself, “yeah, where?” Because we had one week in the Seventies, and the whole rest of the Summer has been days in the Sixties and nights in the Fifties. Not fun. Do please send over the globular warmening.

(Yes, it’s a terrible Photoshop, isn’t it? It’s Chinese night and I’m late making flied lice).

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August 8, 2012 — 10:37 pm
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