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And then there’s this guy

Portable blacksmith. From the same country show as the billhooks guy. He’s got his forge and his anvil and his bench and he’s making stuff on the spot. Says he got the idea for a portable smitherie 17 years ago, and it’s been a success from the beginning. He doesn’t exactly roam from town to town doing ever’body’s smithin’; he mostly does shows like this.

Hard to see how he makes a living. He sold us a huge pair of oversized iron fireplace tongs with the bendy bit in the middle and the twisty bits on either end for, like, £18.

Andy Williams will not be down for breakfast, which means little, little takes the dick. You know what that means! Yeah, it means I really, really need to get some dick in the mail. But it also means — see you here Friday for the next round!

September 26, 2012 — 9:15 pm
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