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Dead Pool Round 43 is in the can!

It looked like we were going to have drama over this one, as Oceania’s pick (Paul Holmes) and drew458’s pick (Ed Koch) both croaked on the same day. However, I examined the Dead Pool thread and found Oceania had made several picks with various levels of trolling intent. First pick sticks! I didn’t know who Paul Holmes was anyway.

So I’m calling it for Drew. However! If Oceania emails me a mailing address, I will ship a dick to it. Which will confuse the hell out of whoever lives at the random stranger’s mailing address he will undoubtedly give me and probably draw the attention of Interpol.

I’ve been out all day, so it’s too late to tee up a Round 44 for today…
SO! See you here next Friday, 6pm WBT.

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February 1, 2013 — 7:58 pm
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