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Not quite as awesome as that last one

This, on the other hand, is Luo Dan, a Chinese painter who has worn this deer’s head mask at work and play for four years (the headline says five, the article says “since 2009” — oh, you won’t fool me with your tricksy ways, Mister Smarty Headline Writer). He does this because…oh, let’s face it — painters the world over are balls-out crazy.

Check him out playing the bongos in his deer head.

Lame. I know. I was playing Skyrim tonight for the first time in months, and my quest encountered a glitch, so I’ve spent the evening chasing console codes. For you non-gaming folks, this occasionally happens in big, complicated games — the computer farts and a thing that is supposed to be there, isn’t. Or a person who’s vital to helping you do something dies unexpectedly. And then you have to reach into the switchbox, yank a few wires and raise somebody from the dead.

I was thinking. Playing Skyrim is like being Kim Jong Un. You sign up to a few magic classes at community college, next thing you know you’re Arch Mage of Everywhere. You slay dragons with your voice. You can kill anybody you like, steal anything you want, and everywhere you go, people gasp, “you! You are the one the prophecies foretold!”

No wonder the little porker is utterly mad. His real life is a video game. He prolly thinks he has a reset.

April 3, 2013 — 10:48 pm
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