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Oh, do it, do it, please!

As you surely know, Anthony Weiner is thinking of running for mayor of New York. Which would be awesome. Y’all know how I love me a dick joke!

My first thought was, no way. You don’t come back from a multiple-target creepy dick-tweeting scandal. I was flipping through old YouTubes of Weiner performing — he was a godawful camera whore, if you remember — and I had forgotten how desperately I longed to poke this guy in the snoot. He’s a hyperactive, sarcastic, loudmouthed, obnoxious, prancing smartass.

New Yorkers loved him. It dawned on me, those YouTubes were uploaded by people who adored him. They were delighted to watch him wave his arms around and scream. The majority of his constituents didn’t want him to resign when he did. So, dick jokes or not, it isn’t out of the question.

Hoo boy! You thought Bloomberg was a national hate object. If they elect this jackass, the rest of the country will have no choice but to saw Manhattan loose and tow it out to sea.

Oh, I found this. It’s from the Women’s National Republican Club’s awards dinner last year. I don’t know who Andrea Tantaros is, but I like the cut of her jib:

Andrea Tantaros held up a cocktail wiener and starting going off on the sexting-crazed ex-congressman who resigned in disgrace. “You’ll recognize this from the cocktail hour. It’s a little wiener. It’s in a symbolic silver tray, too, right Bob?” she said, referring to Turner, who succeeded Weiner following his scandal. “Thank you for restoring the dignity of the House and properly managing your Twitter account,” she told Turner.

Speaking of dick jokes – tomorrow. Here. Six sharp WBT. Dead Pool Round 49.

April 11, 2013 — 10:47 pm
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