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So, they can do that? The police can just order everyone in a major city to close their businesses and stay home? For how long? What happens if you disobey?

Who are those guys in camo? Do the police have alternate military style uniforms or have the National Guard been brought in? That spooky black humvee has Boston Police stenciled on the front. When did they buy that, and what did they expect to use it for?

Since when did Watertown, MA have a large Russian-speaking community? Why aren’t any journalists asking for details of this unheard of lockdown procedure?

I understand this is a shit-hot manhunt and, when we last saw them, these guys were firing in all directions and throwing grenades around. But the sight of what looks for all the world like troops shaking down house after house in the suburbs of Boston is making me a little queasy.

Have a good weekend. Remember, every twenty minutes or so, get up from the monitor, do a little stretch and look at something in the distance for a minute.

April 19, 2013 — 9:48 pm
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