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Hillary Rodham Herp-de-derp

Mon dieu, it looks like Napoleon was right: the Benghazi hearings are turning up lots of incompetence and absolutely no plot ideas for an interesting, complicated spy novel.

I haven’t followed the hearings, I’ve been getting my information in chunklets from all around the web. I should have kept track of where exactly so I could link them in this post, but I didn’t. That’s why I regard myself not so much as a journalist but more of a mouthy old cow with a full, legal copy of Photoshop.

Anyway, it looks like Stevens was in Benghazi at Hillary’s explicit request because she intended to build an enduring diplomat presence in that city. And she deliberately turned down requests for more security there because she thought muscling up would look bad to the locals. Foamy Muslim nutburgers respond so well to displays of goodwill and military weakness, don’tcha know.

As to why requests for backup on the night of the attack were turned down…well, I don’t think we’ve gotten to the bottom of it. But it’s a good bet she probably still thought the situation could be salvaged if we didn’t escalate it by…no, geez, that is so retarded.

And the stupid video story? Well, if the whole thing blew up over a spontaneous protest, nobody (Hillary) could be blamed for not seeing in coming and preparing. Barack was cool with that (okay, this is me talking) because if he has a choice between blaming a bad thing on a Muslim and blaming it on America’s founding principles, the Land of the Free is going to lose every damn time.

I’m coming around to the idea these bozos really, genuinely think the Arab Spring is a force for good, and it loves the Obama Administration.

Right. Let’s talk about something more cheerful, like Death. Here. Tomorrow. Six sharp Weasel Blog Time. Dead Pool Round Fifty.

May 9, 2013 — 10:42 pm
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