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And still it rained

Okay, actually, that’s a picture of the beach, but truly it has rained and rained. And winded and winded. Not like that big blow on Christmas Eve eve, but relentlessly. And for as far in the future as I trust the weather forecast.

We haven’t lost power yet, but we’ve had some close calls. The power to the pump that drains our local acres failed. They had to bring in a backup generator while we watched the ditches rise.

And this afternoon, the power went out in the supermarket. Which was creepy. It was pitch black, except for a lone spotlight in the deli section. The girl behind the counter made a “ta-da!” face in the light, which was kind of cute. It only lasted a few seconds, or I assume more backup would’ve kicked in.

Oh my god. It’s happened. I’ve gone native. I’m droning on and on about the weather…

December 30, 2013 — 11:46 pm
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