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The most gothick thing EVAR

The winged skull is just a taster. Click for the whole tomb.

It’s the grave of John Cheney, who died on the 20th of September, 1601. And presumably his wife and daughter, who are mentioned. I think the slate inscription stone must have shattered as they pulled it out to stuff more people in the ‘ole. Brrr!

This is on the wall left of the altar in a little village church in Sussex. More on that later.

We started Saturday at an airfield, because we heard a rumor the two Lancasters were going to fly over on their way to an airshow.

Of the over seven thousand Lancaser bombers built in WWII, these two are the last in the air, and they’ve been kept airworthy by cannibalizing some of the others. One of them usually lives in Canada, so…last chance.

We waited and waited and it didn’t happen. So we headed to this church, miles away, and suddenly the planes flew across our path, low and spooky. No time to stop and take pictures. Wish we’d gotten closer. Glad we didn’t miss it.

August 18, 2014 — 9:58 pm
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