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Another day, another article about saturated fats and how, ummm…maybe they aren’t so awful for you after all.

Disclaimer: I’m one who thrived on Atkins’ low carb ideas and I’m still sore about the absolute shit way he and his ideas were treated in his lifetime. I want those people to feel his vindication. Good and hard.

But long before I knew Atkins, my mother (who was a nurse) told me to be careful cutting fat, because fats contribute satiety. And if you’re not sure how important feeling full and satisfied to a dieter, reflect: if they get hungry enough, human beings have been known to murder and eat their children. ‘Kay? You can’t guilt people for giving in to the most powerful biological force known to all living organisms.

What we’ve done for the past forty years is tell fat people to cut the fats and eat lots of carbs — a diet guaranteed to make them crazy-eat-their-young hungry — and then wondered how so many of them went from merely obese to sideshow fat. Honestly, somebody needs to swing for this.

So, read any good fat articles lately? Do share. I won’t rest until lard is properly recognized as the life-giving superfood we all know it to be.

December 1, 2014 — 10:19 pm
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