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Movie Night with Kim

Since it seems Kim Jong-un has been handed Hollywood’s remote control, how’s about we look at a few films the little wiggler *does* approve of.

The above is a still from the gripping drama A Traffic Controller on Crossroads (the link goes to YouTube, full movie with subtitles). I excerpted this synopsis from the blog DPRK Video Database (he kindly put a spoiler alert on it):

…the traffic woman gives a presentation on traffic safety to local citizens, who appreciate her advice. There’s lots of scenes with the man and woman deliberating over what to do. The traffic woman begins to wonder whether she should have gone into rhythmic gymnastics. She eventually speaks to her supervisor, who talks about how she let another young driver slide on traffic regulations, which resulted in a terrible accident. Later, the chauffeur of the head of the Research Institute violates a no parking zone. The traffic woman chastises him, and the head of the Research Institute goes back later to make a formal apology.

Or if romantic comedy is more your thing, how about Urban Girl Comes to Get Married. It’s like Tammy’s in Love. Only, not.

Okay, you know what? Hong Kil Dong is actually a pretty awesome kung fu movie, in the tradition of low budget Eighties kung fu movies. I love that shit.

Check the DPRK Video Database blog linked above or the sidebar of any of the linked videos for more zany Korean film goodness. But if you want to see the Kim Jong-un death scene from The Interview, you’ll have to skip around and chase it yourself. That thing’s getting pulled offline as fast as it goes up.

December 18, 2014 — 10:35 pm
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