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Dead Pool Housekeeping

Welp, Drew458 is almost certainly going to be our next Dead Pool winner. They’ve switched off the ventilator on Bubbah Brown, or whatever Whitney Houston’s daughter’s name is. Though as far as I’m aware, she’s still breathing. Just not braining very much.

That’s handy, as I hadn’t mailed Drew458’s last dick (if he pulls it off, this will be his third win). Two dicks in one!

I’m kind of caught up with dicks, at last, except for a few people I couldn’t find addresses on. If you’ve sent them to me, please send again (though if you don’t want to claim your prize, I quite understand. I hate floating my bona fides on the internet).

They are:

■Rounds 57 and 60 go to Carl. That’s his second and third win, but if I have an address on him, I can’t find it.
■Round 63 was won by Scott the Badger with Casey Kasem.
■Round 64 was Hutch with Eli Wallach.
■Round 65 was the tragic victim of a math error (I skipped a number).
■Round 66 was platypuss and James Garner.
■Round 69 was homer and Thomas Duncan (ebola dude).
■Round 70 was armybrat with one of Weasel’s favorites, Thomas “Mumbles” Menino.

My older records are a little spotty, so if you won one and didn’t get your just reward, feel free to get in touch. I honor all dicks. Even elderly ones.

Oh, the skellingtons? I was looking for an image of a skeleton pushing a broom, when I ran across it. They’re sprayed gold, by the way. It’s some kind of weird sculpture installation a Devian Tart found in the back yard of a church in Munich.

Good weekend, all! In all probability, we’ll be gathering back here next week for Round 73! (But you never know. Good ol’ Zsa Zsa has been picked more times than Kim Kardashian’s thong).

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February 6, 2015 — 9:38 pm
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