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Everybody do the Glitch!


What’s a big game without a big glitch? I’m coming to the end of Witcher 3, sadly. Here we see Geralt of Rivia levitating three feet in the air with his legs tucked under him. He has just fought off a whole company of witch hunters, all of whom were also levitating three feet in the air with their legs tucked under them. nee-walked their way through the whole damn thing. It was like playing Marco Polo without the water.

Dude in the back there is dead and just hanging around in midair for no reason.

Known bug. It got better.

My favorite is still the Skyrim bug that made all the chickens in Whiterun repeatedly leap fifty feet in the air and then drift earthwards slowly. I finally worked out that the variable for #chickenheight somehow got crossed with the variable for the height of a stone loosed from a catapult just off screen.

And no, I’m not playing Fallout 4 like all the cool kids. My machine is under spec’ed.

November 25, 2015 — 10:14 pm
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