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This story keeps coming over my threshold, and it’s not even a story yet (but it’s probably worth following). The Cochno Stone was discovered by Rev James Harvey on his property in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland in 1887. It’s got 90 perfectly preserved cup-and-ring carvings, making it the best example of its kind anywhere.

The ‘anywhere’ is significant because they’ve found these things all over Europe and as far afield as Mexico, Brazil and India. Nobody knows what they mean. They might be star charts, or deeds to property or symbols of immortality. They tend to turn up carved into stones near burials or scenic spots.

I have a feeling if we saw the tool they’re made with, we’d understand the appeal of the shape. The significance might be nothing more than leaving a permanent mark on an ancient stone.

Anyway, after fifty years of the light of day, the Cochno Stone was showing significant vandalism. So in the Sixties, they buried it again. It’s been sitting there between a private garden and a housing estate covered in several feet of earth, troubling the dreams of archaeologists. There has been significant lobbying to dig it up again.

To be fair, we have the technology to do a cracking 3D model and surface study. I hope it happens. The local Council has said it’s willing. It’s just not set to happen…yet.

Here’s a good article from Ancient Origins, if you don’t mind a source with a little oogida-boogida. And here’s one from the Scotsman, if you’re an uptight conservative-pants.

I’ll keep you posted.

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September 28, 2016 — 5:46 pm
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