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My new paint box. Why, sure you can see it in color. Hey, I had to have one to fit into my nice new leather map case, nay?

Yeah, given the choice between making art and fooling around with art supplies GIVE ME ART SUPPLIES! GIVE ME! NOW!

It’s not new, of course. I had to have something appropriately old and funky. Somehow, this was my first foray into the sinkhole of “vintage” art supplies on eBay.

I mean, there’s some awfully cool stuff in there, and some awfully old stuff, and some terrifyingly expensive stuff, sometimes all three at once. And then there was the pockmarked old Winsor and Newton field painting box that some dang fool was trying to get hundreds for. Because vintage.

As if. It looked exactly like one I bought in the Seventies, but more banged up. (Hm. I wonder where my one got to?)

Anyway. This one wasn’t too expensive and — YES! — it fits perfectly, with room for a watercolor block.

Pff! I guess I have to paint stuff now.

September 4, 2017 — 9:33 pm
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