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Positively the last photo of apples


For the month of October, anyway. Yeah, this isn’t even half the apples. In the main hall.

My little cleaning project grew to encompass most of my workroom upstairs. This is not because I’m a tidy woman, but because I’m an untidy one. I have not given that room proper attention since I moved in nine years ago. I think I’ve scraped enough of a hole in the clutter to get some work done this weekend, anyway.

Oh, and if you downloaded and installed my ringtone, you’re one up on me. My SD card fell over and died this afternoon, taking my ringtone with it (I was fiddling with the card for another purpose and apparently killed it). Oh, well — at least I know where I can download it again.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

October 27, 2017 — 9:54 pm
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