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No, really


You see? You see, people? You wait long enough, every darn picture on my blog will get a repost.

The Clintons’ house caught fire today, but was quickly extinguished. They weren’t home. This is not, repeat, not a fun story. It was in the garage apartment, which is for Secret Service use.

Oh, boy — I bet that’s an awesome posting!

Say, has there been any speculation, rumor, anything post-election about what the heck was up with Hillary’s health?

January 3, 2018 — 10:15 pm
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Eight-Line Egg Breaker RZ-8
with a separating yolk from white function
Capacity: 25,600 eggs per hour

Some bits of shell get away from it, if you watch. I think the flat metal bit on top is just holding the egg in place; the cracking mechanism is below and I can’t quite make it out. (Why, yes…I’ve watched this through multiple times). Still. Impressive and just a bit hypnotic.

Work wasn’t too awful today, but the ride home — yeesh! The rain was predicted for later in the afternoon, so I didn’t dress for it. I arrived home soaked in just-above-freezing temps.

My everything is stretched out on a radiator.

January 2, 2018 — 10:00 pm
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Tea break’s over, back on yer heads

Ugh. That’s it. We’re done. Nine hours from now, my alarm will go off and my eyes will open and I will sigh…oh, such a terrible deep sigh.

On average, I’ve slept three hours more than usual every morning of my holiday. This is going to hurt.

Never mind. You can have contentment all the time, but joy is based on difference. For Christmas to be Christmas, January two has to to make your eyes water with awful. Say, it’s raining, btw.

Hope yours was half as nice as mine. See you after the ibuprofen kicks in…

January 1, 2018 — 11:17 pm
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