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Day 3: Uncle B is starting to look pretty tasty


We haven’t been out in three days.

It was supposed to snow heavily today. It didn’t. We were supposed to have high winds. We have. And still having. So the issue today is blown snow. The roads seem clear, for the most part. The sidewalks, not so much.

Despite central heating, despite a roaring fire in the evening, it is effing freezing in here (it got down to 48° in the kitchen last night, and that’s with us cooking). Thank heavens for electric blankets.

Tonight the winds die down, but tomorrow more snow. So they say. Slightly warmer over the weekend and rain on Sunday, so this is a last gasp. I can’t remember the last time we were stuck inside for a week, though.

We gots the cabin fever.

March 1, 2018 — 7:55 pm
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