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Ah, I’ve been waiting for this! My girls stop laying in October and don’t pick up again until March. To be exact, March 14 (as it turns out). They’d lay all year if I gave them artificial light, but I don’t need the eggs and they need the break. Laying eggs is hard on a chook.

Yes, I know who it was. It was Jenny. I opened the door to the henhouse and she was sitting on the nest looking very serious. It’s very serious business, I tell you. Then she gave us a rousing chorus of the egg song. ‘Twas fine to hear.

I used to think the egg song was foolish from an evolutionary standpoint. You know, loudly calling attention to the vulnerable package you just delivered. But, observing them, they seem to wait a while and move away from the nest, so perhaps it’s a distraction technique. Whatevs.

Gosh, it was nice today. First day it truly felt like Spring. Won’t last. We’re expecting cold weather and maybe even snow at the weekend, but that won’t last either. It’ll be lambs before you know it!

March 14, 2018 — 10:25 pm
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