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My Geralt of Rivia, let me show you him

Well, fine. As long as I’m showing off my doll collection. Erm, I mean action figures. Umm, I mean fine pieces of sculpture, this is the Geralt of Rivia I bought myself for my birthday.

Sure, you want to see him in glorious color, to scale, on my desk. A fine example of injection molding, is it not?

These things are regarded as adult collectibles — or ‘adult’ ‘collectibles’ — and can be very, very expensive. Especially when they first come out…or, if you’re lucky, some months later when it turn out they didn’t make enough to satisfy demand. I struck while the iron was lukewarm and didn’t get skinned alive.

Dark Horse is the seller. They make a lot of these things (of varying quality).

May 10, 2018 — 9:38 pm
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