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We went to the opening of that art show I told you about tonight, and one of my two had already sold by the time we got there! The gallery was packed full and hot as blazes, but gosh that was gratifying.

Got back to find a message informing me I’ve got fambly coming to visit in a month. Holy shit, the housecleaning I have to do!

The illustration? From this post back in 2009:

So I was tucking into my ptomaineburger and fries, and Uncle B was reaching over to nick some chips, when he made the shush face.

The man at the next table said, “no, it was definitely a stoat. Bigger than a weasel.”

“Yes,” a woman trilled, “and it was running around all night, stealing the chips right off people’s plates.”

I don’t remember that at all! Yes, expect more exciting recycled posts as I totally panic about all the shit I have to do in the very near future. Have a good weekend!

August 3, 2018 — 9:46 pm
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